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Last updated: 6 May 2003 

Genus Achalcus Loew
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1. Six dorsocentrals; fore tibia without basodorsal bristle; hind tibia with only 2 anterodorsal bristles; 6 pubescent abdominal segments; dark species with globular thorax and distinctly darkened wings; average wing length 2.1 (male) 2.3 (female).Fig. 6 ... melanotrichus Mik
Five dorsocentrals; fore tibia with 1 dorsal bristle at about basal 1/4; hind tibia in most species with 3 anterodorsal bristles; fore femur with erect ventral bristle on basal 1/5-1/3, about as long as femur is deep; 5 pubescent abdominal segments; yellow or dark brown species ... 2
2. Dark species, with at least thorax and tergites concolorous brown ... 3

Pale species, with thorax reddish yellow ... 4

3. Sternites and tergites concolorous dark brown; bristles on thorax and abdomen ochreous yellow; palpi mainly brown, yellowish in basal half; small, stout species with relatively short legs; average wing length 2.3 (male) 2.5 (female).Fig. 4 ... cinereus (Haliday in Walker)

Sternites whitish yellow, clearly contrasting with darker tergites; bristles on thorax and abdomen dark brown; larger, slender species with relatively long legs; average wing length 2.8-2.9.Fig. 8 ... thalhammeri Lichtwardt

4. Entire body pale reddish yellow; antennal segments mainly whitish yellow; postpedicel triangular; female 9th abdominal segment with 6 spines; very small, stout species with average wing length 1.9 (males) 2.1 (females).Fig. 3 ... bimaculatus Pollet

At least some abdominal segments brownish; scape and pedicel at least partly infuscated and when entirely pale, then postpedicel with acute shape; female 9th abdominal segment with 8 spines ... 5

5. Mesonotum dorsally with dark brown elongate central spot on prescutellar depression; hind tibia with 2 anterodorsal bristles; very small and stout species with average wing length 1.8-1.9.Fig. 7 ... nigropunctatus Pollet & Brunhes

Mesonotum without central dark spot; hind tibia always with 3 (strong or minute) anterodorsal bristles; larger species with average wing length over 2 ... 6

6. Palpi usually yellow to whitish yellow; antenna mainly dark brown; sutural bristles mostly absent; male cerci long and tapering, with distinctly curved bristles on apex; slender species; average wing length 2.1 (male) 2.3 (female).Fig. 5 ... flavicollis (Meigen)

Palpi brown to dark brown; antenna mainly yellow; palpi infuscated at least partly, or brown to dark brown in females; sutural bristles mostly present; male cerci shorter, about as long as other genital appendages, with blunt apex; wing 2.4.Fig. 9 ... vaillanti Brunhes

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