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Last updated: 6 May 2003 

Genus Scellus Loew
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1. Males: hypopygium present ... 2
Females: hypopygium absent ... 4
2. Fore tibia with strongly developed long biapicate anteroventral tooth at basal third; 3.9-6.0. Figs. 181, 183, 185... notatus(Fabricius)
Fore tibia with simple pointed tooth at basal third ... 3
3. Postpedicel elongate-triangular, 2 times longer than high at base, pointed at apex; fore tibia at apex without lobe-like process; mesonotum mostly shining black; 3.8. Fig. 179 ... dolichocerusGerstcker
Postpedicel suboval or irregularly triangular, not more than 1.5 times longer than high, with rounded apex; fore tibia at apex with large lobe-like process; mesonotum mostly densely pollinose, without metallic shining; 3.7-6.0. Figs. 180, 182, 185... spinimanus(Zetterstedt)

4. Mesonotum mostly metallic shining ... dolichocerusGerstcker

Mesonotum mostly grey or brownish densely pollinose ... 5

5. Wing long, with m-cu positioned distinctly behind apex of abdomen; wing slightly darkened in distal half; M1+2 with strongly pronounced brown round spot at curvation ... notatus(Fabricius)

Wing moderately long, with m-cu positioned at level of apex of abdomen; wing mostly dark brown; M1+2 without strongly pronounced brown round spot at curvation ... spinimanus(Zetterstedt)

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