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Genus Syntormon Loew
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1. Postpedicel short, rounded, with dorsal stylus; acrostichals in two regular rows; thorax yellow; abdomen brownish yellow, with dark posterior margins of tergites; legs yellow; male hind basitarsus with 2 ventral setae; 4.0-6.0... aulicus(Meigen)
Postpedicel elongate-triangular, with apical stylus; acrostichals irregularly biseriate or uniseriate ... 2
2. Antenna mostly yellow; 2.5-3.0. Fig. 194... bicolorellus(Zetterstedt)
Antenna dark ... 3
3.Males ... 4
Females; face broad; clypeus convex ... 15

4. Hind basitarsus simple ... 5

Hind basitarsus bearing processes, spines, leaf-like or long setae ... 7

5. Fore tarsus having segments regularly decreasing in length; mid femur with 2-3 long ventral setae; 4.0-4.5... miki Strobl

Fore tarsus with shortened 2nd-4th segments; each segment hardly longer than wide ... 6

6. Fore femur with 3-4 ventral setae at base; mid femur with ventral row of 3-5 setae in basal half; 4th segment of fore tarsus bearing one dorsal seta; 2.5-3.0 ... pumilus(Meigen)

Fore femur with ventral hairs only, without setae; mid femur with ventral row of at least 6 setae in basal half; 4th segment of fore tarsus without dorsal seta; 4.0-4.5 ... metathesis(Loew)

7. Hind tibia plumose dorsoventrally; hind basitarsus with 1 curved seta in middle and 2 short setae at apex; 3.0; [Norway]... pennatus Ringdahl

Hind tibia without long setae ... 8

8. Some segments of mid tarsus widened ... 9

Mid tarsus simple ... 10

9. 2nd-4th segments of mid tarsus strongly widened and compressed laterally, black; hind tarsus black; legs including coxae yellow; hind tibia at apex thickened, black; hind tarsus black; hind basitarsus with long curved ventral seta; postpedicel 3 times longer than high at base; 3.0. Figs. 193 (1-2). ... tarsatus(Falln)

4th and 5th segments of mid tarsus widened; mid and hind coxae grey-black; hind tibia yellow, not thickened at apex; hind basitarsus with long pointed ventral process; postpedicel 1.5 times longer than high at base; 2.5-2.75. Fig. 193 (3)... monilis (Haliday)

10. Hind basitarsus with long simple ventral setae ... 11

Hind basitarsus with hook-like curved setae, with leaf-like appendix or with process ... 12

11. Fore femur bearing long ventral seta at base; 1st and 2nd segments of hind tarsus each with 1 ventral seta; 2.0... filiger Verrall

Fore femur without long ventral seta; hind basitarsus with 2 strong ventral setae of equal length; 3.0 ... punctatus(Zetterstedt)

12. Hind basitarsus with 1 leaf-like pedunculate ventral appendix; 2.5-3.0... subinermis (Loew)

Hind basitarsus with unguiculate ventral spines or with process ... 13

13. Hind basitarsus with basoventral tubercle bearing bunch of modified setae, at most slightly shorter than 2nd segment; 3.0-3.25... fuscipes(von Roser)

Hind basitarsus with only two bare ventral hooks in basal half, without long setae or process ... 14

14. Postpedicel 3-3.5 times longer than high, nearly 2 times longer than stylus; mid femur without strong ventral setae; hind basitarsus with strong ventral hooks; 3.0-3.75. Fig. 193 (4)... pallipes (Fabricius)

Postpedicel 1.5-2 times longer than high, shorter than stylus; mid femur with row of ventral setae; hind basitarsus with weak spiniform ventral setae; 3.25-4.0. Fig. 193 (5)... denticulatus(Zetterstedt)

15. Face having 2 setae; coxae yellow; mid coxa darkened; abdomen partly yellow; fore tibia with 1 anteroventral seta ... miki Strobl

Face without setae ... 16

16. Coxae yellow; sometimes mid coxa barely darkened ... 17

At least mid and hind coxae dark ... 19

17. Abdomen yellow; metaepimeron yellow; acrostichal setae uniseriate ... punctatus(Zetterstedt)

Abdomen dark; rarely segments II and III with yellow spots ... 18 

18. Acrostichal setae biseriate; mid tarsus darkened; abdomen with yellow spots ... fuscipes(von Roser)

Acrostichals uniseriate; mid tarsus yellow ... tarsatus(Falln)

19. Fore coxa dark at least laterally; frons green or bronze-green ... 20

Fore coxa yellow at least in apical half; frons usually with blue tinge (except for denticulatusZett.) ... 21

20. Fore coxa with mostly black hairs and setae at apex; frons mat; fore tibia without serration; mid coxa with 1 black seta; lower calypter with black cilia ... filiger Verrall

Fore coxa with white hairs, sometimes with 1-2 black setae at apex; frons brownish pollinose; fore tibia with anterodorsal serration; mid coxa without strong setae ... denticulatus(Zetterstedt)

21. Abdomen partly yellow laterally; acrostichals uniseriate; hind basitarsus light at base ... pallipes (Fabricius)

Abdomen usually dark ... 22

22. Fore femur dark at base; fore coxa yellow at apex only; hind trochanter dark ... 23

Fore femur yellow; fore coxa dark at base; hind trochanter yellow ... 24

23. Frons mat, bronze-green ... denticulatus (Zetterstedt)

Frons shining blue ... pumilus(Meigen)

24. 1st-3rd segments of tarsi yellow, at most dark at apex; fore tibia without posterodorsal seta ... monilis (Haliday)

Tarsi dark from tip of basitarsi ... 25

25. Antennal scape haired above; fore coxa with black apical setae ... metathesis(Loew)

Scape bare above; fore coxa with white hairs only ... 26

26. Postpedicel longer than high at base, drawn-out at apex ... pallipes (Fabricius)

Postpedicel not longer than high, trapezoid, with almost straight dorsal margin ... subinermis (Loew)

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