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Last updated: 6 May 2003 

Genus Tachytrechus Haliday
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1. Males: hypopygium present ... 2
Females: hypopygium absent ... 7
2.Fore basitarsus normal, not especially slender, apical segment appearing whitish in dorsal view; midfemur yellow on apical fourth only; tibiae usually brownish-yellow in basal half; cercus approximately as long as wide; 4-5.5. Fig. 145 ... notatus (Stannius)
 Fore basitarsus conspicuously slender; midfemur yellow on apical half ... 3

3. Fore basitarsus almost twice as long as last four segments combined; face golden yellow; cercus covered with relatively short hairs; the hairs approximately as long as width of cercus; 5-5.5. Fig. 144 ... insignis (Stannius)

 Fore basitarsus about equal in length to last four segments combined; face pale yellow or white ... 4

4. Face pale yellow, low edge about level with lower eye-margin; cercus large and triangular, with long strong bristles on outer face of disc; 5.0-6.0. Fig. 147 ... ripicolaLoew

 Face glistening white or silvery white ... 5

5. Epandrial lobe in form of semicircular plate locating on long handle; cercus 1.5-2 times longer than wide; antennal pedicel black; midfemur yellow, black at base; 5.0. Fig. 146... ammobates(Haliday)

Epandrial lobe usually hidden; cercus not longer than wide; pedicel yellow; mid femur black in basal half ... 6

6. Four distal segments of fore tarsus strongly dilated, with 4th tarsomere nearly twice wider than long; cercus semicircular, with short external hairs; hypandrium bearing small ventral hook; 4.5-5.5. Fig. 143 ... consobrinusHaliday

Four distal segments of fore tarsus weakly dilated, with 4th tarsomere being approximately as long as wide; cercus with long external hairs being longer than width of cercus; cercus hardly 1.5 times wider than long; hypandrium with moderately long toothlike lobe; 5.0. Fig. 142... ociorLoew

7. Antennal scape and pedicel reddish yellow at least beneath ... 8

Pedicel entirely black ... 10

8. Lower edge of clypeus not angular, about level with lower eye-margin; all femora black except at apex ... notatus (Stannius)

Face extending well below lower eye-margin; clypeus triangular ... 9 

9. Fore and mid femora reddish yellow on apical fifth only ... ociorLoew

Fore femur reddish yellow on apical fourth, and mid femur on apical third ... consobrinusHaliday

4. Proximal part of distal section of M1+2 (from m-cu to curvation) longer than apical part; scape usually darkened dorsally ... ammobates (Haliday)

Proximal part of distal section of M1+2 (from m-cu to curvation) shorter than apical part; scape entirely yellow ... 5

5. Wing vein m-cu infumated; mid femur with long ventral hairs developed from base to apex; two humeral bristles about equal in length; fore tibia slightly shorter than tarsus ... insignis (Stannius)

Wing vein m-cu without dark limb; mid femur with long ventral hairs developed in basal 2/3 only; lower humeral bristle about 0.75 the length of upper; fore tibia slightly longer than tarsus ... ripicola (Loew)

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