Last updated: 15 January 2004
Hello Igor, Nice to hear from someone out there in cyberspace, I know many
people look at my site, (from the log files) but not many people write to
me.Many more specamins to photograph so the site should keep on growing,

I filled 30 MBytes and had to increase it to 100 that might last me for a

year or two :-)

You may use any of my pictures you wish, but please convince yourself that

my ID's are correct first.

I took a look at your pages they look verry interesting, I will add your

site to my favorites list.

Alan Hadley.

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Sent: Wednesday, November 19, 2003 12:35 PM

> Dear Alan,

> I was exciting, looking for your site dedicated to pictures of insects. I

am also an amateur in field of insect taxonomy being a specialist in

Dolichopodid flies. I have started recently a phototheque of my flies, and I

am interesting in publishing as much pictures as possible on my site

dedicated to Dolichopodidae (see below). Therefore I ask you permission in

copying and including your pictures (only Dolis) in my site. Certainly your

name and links to your site will be placed under each picture.

> Thank you in advance.

> Best wishes, Igor.


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